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Balchen Chiropractic Massage Therapy

Robert Stevens, RMT

Jennifer Rankin, RMT

Massage Therapy provides a considerable range of therapeutic effects and benefits;

Increases circulation and therefore increases the

nutrients that reach the cells.

 Metabolic wastes are carried off more efficiently, increasing detoxification.

Increases range of motion in joints, muscle length

and rehabilitation time.

Reduces muscular tension, adhesions, scar tissues

and associated discomforts.

Improves sleep patterns, immune system and energy flow.

Effective for relieving pain, promoting good health

and preventing injuries.

Relieves the discomforts during pregnancy.


The atmosphere of our treatment room is one of calm and quiet.  Your privacy will always be respected. During treatment you will be draped so that only the portion of the body being treated will be uncovered.  You will find massage therapy to be both therapeutic and relaxing.  No matter what your type of work or recreation, regular massage therapy should be an important part of your lifestyle.


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