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Balchen Chiropractic Clinic


Gentle Chiropractic
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Balchen Chiropractic Clinic in Newmarket, Ontario offers gentle, comfortable and affordable treatments resulting in efficient and lasting results.  Dr. Kendall Balchen welcomes patients of all ages to the clinic and referrals are never necessary.


Balchen Chiropractic Clinic offers a variety of therapies for total body health and wellness.  The chiropractic treatment involves the use of an Impulse or an Activator adjusting instrument.  It will feel like a tapping sensation on the area that is being treated, followed by soft tissue therapy to the affected muscles.  Treatment response provides patients with a relief of pain and improved mobility.  Stretching or strengthening exercises, depending on their condition, may also be prescribed.


Shockwave Therapy is one of our main adjunctive therapies used at Balchen Chiropractic Clinic. This non-invasive treatment promotes accelerated recovery of injured soft tissue, bone, heel and joint pains. Common treatable conditions include plantar fascitis, achilles tendinopathy, calcific rotator cuff tendinitis, tennis elbow and chronic IT band tightness.


Cold laser therapy (Theralase) is also utilized by our chiropractor for a multitude of conditions including arthritis, ankle sprains, shoulder pain and tendinitis, knee pain, muscle or joint strains, and even fracture healing! Over 2000 clinical studies worldwide have proven the success of therapeutic lasers in the healing of neurological, muscular and skeletal conditions.


Two registered massage therapists are on staff, who provide deep tissue massage, therapeutic massage, as well as relaxation massage and cupping.


We also have two Osteopaths, who are trained to remove tension and joint restrictions through gentle manual treatments, which will encourage structural and physiological harmony in the entire body. They provide care for adults and even children, in a very comfortable environment.


Custom orthotics are offered for those who have an unbalanced foundation from weakness or poor function in the arches of the feet. Foot Levelers is our orthotic supplier. We provide other products at the clinic which consist of Sigvaris compression stockings, Joint Health natural eggshell membrane supplements, Calm magnesium, Biofreeze and Cryoderm topical gels, Thumper Sport Massagers and Harmony Massage Rollers.


Offer your body freedom from stress and discomfort, while enjoying good health and well-being!

Chiropractic Shockwave Laser Therapy
Balchen Chiropractic Clinic 17205 Leslie St. Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 8E4 (905) 836-2202
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